Written by Claire, words by Ian

Meet The Staff - Ian

Introducing our 71 staff blogs! This is where going to spotlight our very own 71 staff so you guys can all get to know them a bit!  

We’re kicking off our staff blog posts with one of our top team members, the beer lord himself, Ian! Some of you guys might know him already...

Ian’s job title varies, however he primarily focuses on sales, logistics and keeping the customers happy. :) 

Here’s a few words from the big man himself:

“Hello Hello, Ya arite

I'm Ian, I was brewed in Dundee, I have been with 71 for nearly 3 years. I got into beer through a general love of the drinks industry, the bars community, how the products are made and the passion behind it all.

My background is Bars, Youth Work and the Running/Sports industry, When I am not taking up space or destroying my way through the wares at 71 I run my own events company and run clubnites.

As for what I do at 71... I used to be the bar/tours/events guy. Now I just proclaim to be the face & body of 71 Brewing Co. To be honest, after the past year I have no idea what my title is. 


And a few quick fire Q’s:

Q: What are we most likely to hear you listening to in the brewhouse?

A: Any kinda dirty hipster music like Lucy Dacus, Small leaks Sink Ships, Tokyo Police Club (although the brewhouse would say any kinda teen whiney sad boi music)

Q: What's your favourite bars? 

A: Dynamo, Dukes Corner, Captain’s Cabin and 3 Session Street.  

Q: What’s your favourite beer and why? 

A: I actually quite like cider... I like every single style of beer apart from bin juice beers. I like sweet drinks so you’d be able to catch me with a rum or a cider next to my beer at all times. 

Q: What’s your favourite thing about the city? 

A: I Like the fact that it’s my city, I've grown up here. I’m fiercely proud of it and I always try to make it the best it can be. 

Q: Is there any style of beer you’d like to see us brew? 

A: I do like the american style thick bodied IPAs, I would like to start experimenting with childhood classic sweets, like Fruit Pastilles IPA, Daim Bar Porter, Refresher sweet sour beer