Written by Claire, words by Kieran

Meet the staff - Kieran

Here kicking off our next round of staff blogs is Kieran! Kieran is 71 Brewing's current Sales and Logistics co-ordinator. 


I’m Kieran & I’ve been with 71 Brewing Co for over 3 years now. I fell into the craft beer world through a few mates and instantly fell in love with the diversity of beer, most of which was completely foreign to me at the time. The creative aspects of the industry have always been really appealing to me, from the artwork on the cans as well as their contents. 

As for what i do at 71, I joined 71 as a delivery driver. I suppose you could say it’s grown arms and legs from there. My current job title is Sales & Logistics coordinator, so in short I’ll sell some beer and make sure it gets there in one piece. 

In my spare time i love listening to good music. I’ve always had a passion for music whether it’s listening to, playing or going to gigs. I've also recently taken up mountain biking during lockdown, hobby or quarter life crisis? Who knows.


Quick fire Q&A: 

Q: What are we most likely to hear you listening to in the brewhouse?

Queens of the Stone age, Idles, Pile, PUP. 

Q: What's your favourite bars?

Mennies, Mennies, MENNIES.

Q: What’s your favourite beer and why?

It changes all the time. Over the past few weeks I’ve been enjoying the wares from Pastore, Whiplash, Overtone, Brew By Numbers & Holy Goat to name a few. 

Q: Is there any style of beer you’d like to see us brew? 
Personally, i’m a fan of a big impy stout so i’d love to see a few more of those being brewed in the future. 


That's all from me today guys but you can catch me kicking about bars, up a mountain somewhere or floating about the brewery.