Seasonal Sours




The past year has seen us working on something very special... 2021 will see the launch of Fruition Seasonal Sours - our range of fruit focused mixed fermentation hazy sours, blended and conditioned with the highest quality, locally picked Scottish and exotic soft fruits. 


Inspired by our local surroundings, the first few releases will focus on glorious Scottish berries. We have sourced the highest quality Scottish berries from the renowned fruit farms located in the Carse of Gowrie - famous for producing exceptionally delicious, ripe and juicy soft fruits. 


With 12 releases planned throughout the year (and maybe a few more!) we will also experiment with fruits and ingredients from further afield than our own shores. We are so excited to explore this new creative direction for 71 Brewing Co under the Fruition Seasonal Sour releases. 


Strawberry Crush - 7.4% ABV 

We aged this hazy sour over masses of locally picked, super ripe and juicy Elsanta and Sonata strawberries. Smooth and full bodied, bursting with sweet fruit and refreshing acidity, finishing with hints of honey and sherbet.  The perfect balance of sweet and juicy.
This is Strawberry Crush.


Blueberry Smoothie - 7.4% ABV 

We aged this hazy sour over masses of locally picked super ripe and juicy, Aurora and Liberty blueberries. Packed with oats & vibrant berries, our smooth and full bodied hazy sour bursts with the sweet, juicy, tart pucker of blueberry goodness. The perfect balance of sweet and tart.
This is Blueberry Smoothie.